Come together and stay safe

STAY SAFE Surface is an antimicrobial technology for the treatment of surfaces. Against viruses and bacteria. For safety and security in places we share with each other.

The product is approved, economical and effective. <br>and invisible.

So to make sure that those who visit a STAY SAFE-treated environment understand that it’s a safer and more hygienic place, we have created an informative visual concept. It consists of decals and signs and an QR code that takes anyone who scans it to the platform

This is a website that will be customized for every surface owner. They can have their logo and adapt their content to their customers. On this website there is also easy-to-understand information about the product, the technology and the companies behind the innovation and visual concept.

What's the secret

This water-based antimicrobial coating incorporates the very latest antimicrobial technology. The efficiency of this technology against viruses, bacteria and mold is 99 %.

It is a permanent, thin film, water-based, clear, non-visible, antimicrobial coating, suitable for practically every area where hygiene is important.

At a minimum dry film thickness of 3-4 microns the antimicrobial technology remains active throughout the lifetime of the coating. Stay Safe Surface adheres to almost any substrates with no other preparation than cleaning with Stay Safe Surface Cleaner.

Become a partner

As a reseller of the STAY SAFE CONCEPT you will be part of a team that faces the same challenges as you do: How can your company provide your customers with solutions that create safe spaces for their visitors?

The product is part of that solution, but the information signs are also important. Using the same indicators – decals with the Stay Safe logo and QR-code – will create recognition. The visitors in restaurants, stores and working places will know that the area is more secure and hygienic, and we truly believe that this will be a new perspective when it comes to communication in post-Corona times.

Become a Stay Safe partner and join our team. We’re happy to send you a partner package with extensive information. Come together and STAY SAFE.

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